Youth Tour - $1,000 Scholarships

In December 2021, with the future of travel uncertain into summer 2022, a decision was made to cancel the 2022 Electric Co-ops Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. 

In place of the traditional trip to Washington, D.C., Midwest Energy is offering TWENTY  $1,000 scholarships to students, four for each of Midwest Energy's five Board of Director Districts.  The $1,000 scholarship will be paid directly to the student. 

Applicants must be juniors in high school, and their parents or guardians must receive electric and/or natural gas service from Midwest Energy.  Applications are due by April 8, 2022.  Selected applicants will be notified in late April.  Children of Midwest Energy employees are not eligible to apply.

Note:  When completing the Youth Tour Application, please put "N/A" for the question asking if you've ever visited Washington, D.C. before. 


Youth Tour Application

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